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Sense of Place

It is a mystery why fermented grape juice can convey a sense of place that can be recognized in the glass and be replicated from vintage to vintage. That is why wine is much more than a beverage. Real wine speaks about a distinctive place, cultivated at a certain time by a particular person.

Sense of Place


Wine is not produced through technicalities, but by memory imprinted in things. Angelo Peretti

Terroir are the elements, that contribute to the outcome of wine, including soil, climate and topography. Nature finds its voice in wine, spoken in the language of the senses. Observe the diverse Slovene landscape and its historical vineyards. Get to know the regions, traditions, and the farmers. The characters of the wines under the SVL Classification reflect all these natural and human elements. That is terroir, the ecology of the wine.



SVL wines are terroir-driven, origin-based wines. Their characteristic individuality is shaped by the special piece of land, the terroir of the vineyards, where the grapes were grown and picked. The origin gets the spotlight because the info is at least as, if not more, important as the producer, vintage and the variety.

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SVL Classification

SVL Classification
SVL Classification

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Terroir is all about the 3P. The Plant, the Place and the People. The personality of the true winemaker imprints the wine, and that is terroir too. The SVL Members vouch that their produce is crafted, bottled and classified in strict accordance with the agreed upon rules of the SVL Association.

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SLOVENSKA VELIKA LEGA (SVL) is an association of vintners in Slovenia, who tend vines on historical wine-growing places, where no other cultural plant grows better. The SVL Wines proudly express the characteristics of their unique origin, either of the wine-growing territory, village or single vineyard.

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