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Slovenia Wine Country

Small but diverse. Three wine-growing regions, Podravje in the east, Primorska in the west, and Posavje in the south-east, broken down into altogether nine wine-growing areas. A land with roughly 15,000 hectares of vineyards, 59 varieties, at least seven of them native.

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Diverse climates, in the Mediterranean west vines almost touch the Adriatic Sea, in the continental east the vineyards embellish the Alpine world and the prehistoric Pannonian sea. And areas, defined by a strong wind or by karst geology, in-between. A kaleidoscope of soils types and historical wine-growing areas is only a short road trip apart. Slovenia, the homeland of the oldest vine in the world, is a pocket encyclopedia of terroir in the heartland of Europe.

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Terroir is all about the 3P. The Plant, the Place and the People. The personality of the true winemaker imprints the wine, and that is terroir too. The SVL Members vouch that their produce is crafted, bottled and classified in strict accordance with the agreed upon rules of the SVL Association.

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